Vending Program Benefits

Buy It Vending places all of our soda, snack, and candy machines in your location completely free – there is never a charge for our equipment or services. And we’ll never ask you to sign a contract for a certain time period or specific quantities of products. We believe that the quality of our service is what keeps our customers satisfied.

We are completely independent from any machine manufacturer or product retailers, so we can offer a totally unbiased product mix. You tell us, because you’re in charge!

In addition to soda / pop vending service, we also offer a full line of candy, snack and sandwich vending machines for your location.

Buy It Vending is confident you will be satisfied with our products and service so there is No contracts necessary.

Your in control with the machine selections, the price of the products, everything that makes vending fulfill your needs.

We will select with you and provide the most efficient equipment size for your location by considering the intensity of traffic, number of staff, visitors, and customers in the building and the space provided for our machines. Vending machines to be provided are equipped with dollar bill changers.

Our customer service prides itself in working closely with you to identify problems and solve them as quickly as possible. Our close proximity to our clients enables us to provide unparalleled personal service and communication.

We can service the machines as often as needed. Because you deal direct with the owners and your business is important to us we’re always there for you we take care of it all; stocking, inspecting, replacing expired product and general maintenance of all the vending machines items on a regular basis.

Customer assumes no responsibility for vending machines- we service our machines regularly. There is an advantage over large “corporate” vending companies when using us. We always provide you with state of the art equipment. Given this fact, we anticipate a trouble free operation of our vending machines. However, since you are dealing direct with the owners of the company we’re always available to handle repairs.
Buy-It-Vending supplies a huge variety of snacks and drinks for the vending machines at your location. We carry the name-brand products that you love to enjoy every day, including sodas, coffee and other drinks; chips, candy, gum, and other snacks; and more substantial food items like sandwiches, pizza, donuts, pastries and more.
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